duvidasHello folks! As you know I've talked a lot here about the point of view of design within a Scrum project, as you can see in "Defining ready and prepared for stories of design", "designer, Scrum and focus on the experience of user "," design: planning and building "or" Team Responsibilities and Designer in a Sprint Design ".

Today I will share with you some of my experience as a designer here in the company. As we are a company focused on agility we use the Scrum framework to help us on projects organization, but that you may know. I was the only one responsible for the design, whether it be directed to the front-end of web tools to build or oriented graphics, banners, posters etc.. I'll share with you our difficulties to estimate the stories, the difficulties in the course of the stories, unavoidable interruptions, so here we go.

When you already have ongoing projects with sprints, usually there is already a stable release and functional changes have to be done in order to change or increment something that already works and it should already be on the air. My experience has been this way. The sprint team development was underway and there were many requests pending design. And that's where the problem comes.

At first I didn't have much idea of ​​how estimate. We had just tried to make estimates with planning poker, but don't work as well because I didn't have argue with anybody, it was a matter of learning to see as a story took on a sprint, and put something in terms of scoring in the next sprint.

But there were requests for more than one project. We decided to change the scheme estimates for sizes (small, medium and large). Where be long, medium or little to make a story. And there should be a strong presence of the Scrum Master to keep the Scrum done, but how many projects had multiple Product Owners, it was difficult to estimate and prioritize, even though the amount of points that I could do in a sprint, precisely because of unforeseen and important stories that should come with the sprint already in development.

Today we have a team of Design with two web designers, a Product Owner and Scrum Master that caters to a specific project. Despite being below the recommended Scrum, has worked very well here in the company. We again estimate using the planning poker, but now works better because we discuss the complexity of the stories. And today we know our speed and that is always consistent with the reality of the stories in the Sprints. Interrupts don't happen anymore, in the sense that we are focusing on finishing the Sprint and Scrum Master is always present to not let anything hinder progress of stories . My learning only confirmed what we know. Scrum is a framework to support projects where the key is in the self-organization of the team, and this team should be formed, thus avoiding individual team.