Hello, following last Friday’s post, I will now talk about another crucial concept to a more effective Scrum team. I will talk about the concept of "Done Story."

This concept indicates that a story has already completed its development stage and is ready to be evaluated by the PO in the Review Meeting.

As the definition of "ready", the definition of "done" is also established by an agreement between the development team and the PO. This agreement is necessary in order for the development team to know what all the items that should be generated during the development of a story are.

This definition must contain a simple list of activities that add value to the product. With this, the team will be able to deliver a story truly done, that is, not only running, but with that has quality. This definition may also vary with the size of each project. In simpler projects, the agreement can contain only the story working properly, however, in larger projects, it may be agreed upon that in order for the story to be considered done, it must have had tests performed on it. In this case, the team should, when estimating a story, consider not only the time and effort to develop the story, but also to develop additional items that must be developed to meet the definition of "Done Story" for that Project.

In other words, you must define the criteria that indicates when the stories are done. This is important because it helps the team in with the estimation process of the stories and also helps the PO in planning sprints. This also help you start a sprint knowing exactly what the goals of the PO are with respect to each story, which is the key to high productivity and to maintain a small failure rate of the stories in the sprint review, in addition to increasing the quality of the product generated.