designHello everybody! Today I’m here to talk a little bit more about my experience as a designer using scrum. I’ll talk some of the difficulties in having a design team that provides resources to the development team. So here we go!!!


I had already spoken in other posts about the importance of the team as estimating the sprint as on the team’s velocity. But today we will focus on adapting the design to development sprint, since we are going through this here in the company.


We are completely renovating the design of an application, putting new features, completely changing the screens design, changing menus, substituting presentation ways, and for everything is properly implemented, we create a way of working, and I’ll share with you how this experience was.


First of all, since the application had already been running with an old design, my team was responsible for creating the new design and development team initially was not interrupted. We created all the concept art, and then started doing the html, css and javascript that were needed for the visualization and screens behavior.


After a few design sprints, the development of the old application was stopped and the development team began to implement the new screens. We continue the design sprints, but now half of our effort (or slightly less) was to solve the problems that the development team encountered during implementation.


The problem we had because of our two-week sprint. Because of this time box, we could (we should) provide the new changes at the end of two weeks, and because of that, many stories of development were interrupted. So, the solution was reducing the timebox for a week, and every week we gave corrections that the development team needed.

The migration is still occurring, but it worked very well with us, this was my experience, and you? do differently in your business? Share with us!!