Hello guys, continuing with the Scrum FAQ Series, today we will talk about the Daily Scrum, also known as the Daily Meeting. We’ll see what this meeting means, and when and how it should be happen.


What is it?

In the Scrum framework, the team’s progress should be inspected daily by the rest of the Development Team, through the meeting called the Daily Scrum. This meeting aims to make the team more self-sufficient.

In the daily meeting, all team members must talk about what they have done since the last meeting, and what they are committing to have done at the next meeting. At this time, problems faced by the team as well as impediments that each member may have faced are visible to other members of the team. Technical problems should not be discussed, however, they may be addressed to allow the scheduling of a technical meeting in order to solve them. This meeting should focus on transparency of the work.


This is one of the main components of Scrum. It is where the team demonstrates daily their commitment to the progress of the Sprint. They should also maintain transparency within the team and focus on deliverable items, one of the main concepts of Scrum.


When and how?

The daily meeting, as indicated by its name, should happen daily, preferably at the end or in the beginning of the day. It should be short, about 15 minutes, and should be done with all members of the team standing before the task board. All members of the team should attend the meeting, and the Scrum Master may or may not attend.

During the meeting, each team member should answer three questions:

  1. What have I accomplished since the last Daily Meeting?
  2. What I will accomplish from now until the next Daily Meeting?
  3. Did I have any impediments?

Enjoy and stop by at Scrum University YouTube channel and watch the video about Sprints! Until next time!