Each role has its responsibilities in Scrum:

PO is responsible for macro management of the project.

The Team is responsable for micro project management.

Scrum Master is responsible for managing the Scrum process. It is the SM  who must ensure that the Scrum process is well implemented and followed, because he is the guardian, advocate and disseminator of this methodology and principles and for this:

Do not just be Scrum Master, you have to recycle!!

So SM can play his role well, first of all, he needs to revise its concepts all the time. Need to evaluate their work with a critical eye and always look for new knowledge.

However, I believe that most important then the basic tips mentioned above, the Scrum Master who has someone who can criticize him giving touches and opening their eyes is a Scrum Master of luck!  In this case, the company that have all professionals committed to Scrum provides this scenario as there will be members from outside the Scrum Team, but who know and support the Scrum, that could play this role. Outsiders always can see details that those inside can not see. Details the day-to-day project, just go unnoticed.

Self-criticism is important, but also external criticism, because it is what provides the sharpest confrontation and analysis of ideas.

And you, Scrum Master, what do you do to recycle? Tell your secret for us!.

In the next post, I’ll talk about recycling team.

See you soon.